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Newsletter               October 2021
EarthLab Climate Action Park
Hands-on Learning

Upcoming Groundwork San Diego Activities
In Session Until December 17, 2021
After-School Program: Explore, Create, Learn 
EarthLab, 1110 Carolina Lane, San Diego
Monday - Thursday,  2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Millennial Tech Middle School Students: Have fun with your friends and Explore plants, birds and bugs; Create a video for prizes, and Learn how to play volleyball, do science projects, find out about careers, and MORE!

Sign up now: Call or text 
(619) 818-0275 or email earthlab@groundworksandiego.org.
October 2, 2021     
Clean Mobility: Electric Vehicle Event and Art Contest Awards 
EarthLab, 1110 Carolina Lane, San Diego
9:00 am - 10:00 am

Come see all the creative art projects (drawings, paintings and movies) made by students to show us the many benefits of clean mobility, (cars/EVs, bikes, scooters, etc.). Celebrate as Councilmember Montgomery announces the award winners!

Several EVs (cars, bikes) will be available to see up close. EV car owners will share their buying, driving and rebate experience and answer questions.

Experience EarthLab, take a tour of the garden.
October 2, 2021     
Water Conservation Demonstration Garden Tours 
EarthLab, 1110 Carolina Lane, San Diego
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Take a tour of this garden and see the trees, native plants and succulents that are growing with very little water.  Get ideas of what plants would work in your garden!
EarthLab: A Chollas Creek Regional Park Jewel! 
Connecting Learning with Nature
EarthLab is a Chollas Creek Watershed Regional Park jewel  that provides an amazing space for students and the community  to connect with nature and have fun while learning about the many elements of climate change and how to be resilient.
EarthLab provides students and community members an opportunity to learn and understand their connection to nature.
How this meaningful interaction with nature, understanding of climate issues, and personal growth happens:

For students, as they create and learn from instruction and experiments done in special garden areas; participate in on-site Citizen Science Projects, like monitoring the lizard population, and studying caterpillars/butterflies; learn Indigenous culture and practices; communicate through art; journal observations; UCSD and industry mentors; and time for mindful contemplation to just name a few learning avenues used. 

For community members, as they touch plants in the conservation garden; participate in hands-on activities like planting a mini succulent garden; and learn from experts on various practical climate topics, such as the value of trees, to save money and improve living conditions.

The more we know about how climate change is affecting our neighborhoods and lives; the sooner we can make small changes that add up to big improvements at home and in the community.

Read on to see all of the dynamic activities happening at EarthLab.

“I learned that I can do anything I put my mind to.”                                    EarthLab Explorer Student, Fall 2020
"The first week at EarthLab, the student did not want to participate. However, as the weeks went on and the activities at my station became more hands-on, their mood began to change. The student would answer questions, have a positive attitude, and loved getting their hands dirty. The student planted more plants than any other student because they loved it so much.

On the last day of camp, the student told me they wished the camp would go on all year.

I am so happy to see that this camp really impacted this student. This is a testament on the importance of nature and outdoor learning.  
                                                              EarthLab Educator, Fall 2020
UCSD Community Station At EarthLab
In 2018, EarthLab become one of UCSD’s Community Stations, a network of field stations in underserved neighborhoods across the San Diego-Tijuana region. The EarthLab Community Station is where teaching and research are conducted collaboratively between UCSD researchers and students, Groundwork San Diego, and the Lincoln Cluster students and community. The partnership provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to co-produce research, education, technical training, and mentoring programs.

The UCSD Community Station effort is under the direction of The UCSD Center on Global Justice, Directors Fonna Forman and Teddy Cruz. The  UCSD collaboration with Groundwork San Diego produces year-round university courses and labs, and community-based programs and activities to circulate university students, faculty and researchers into EarthLab; and local students, residents and community leaders onto the campus.
The UCSD Community Station dynamically involves:
UCSD Students and Researchers: Using experiential learning opportunities and new field-based curricula, the UCSD student classroom and research options are expanded off campus so collegiate educational activities embrace thinking socially, ethically and collaboratively across disciplines to tackle today’s most pressing urban social, environmental and economic challenges.
Lincoln Cluster Students and Families: Students experience the EarthLab experiential learning approach along with UCSD student mentoring activities. This combination provides students an enriched and powerful transformative experience.
The community’s unique intersection with UCSD students and researchers provides community members an important conduit to share knowledge and actively participate in research, learning, and problem solving.
"I had so many students who had never planted, gone on a hike, or even seen a dragonfly. A favorite day was on our nature hike on the last week of the program and the students knew all the names of prominent native plants, their plant communities, and pointed out birds and pollinators - all things they did not notice or care to notice on our first hike.

My heart is so full knowing that the students that attended the full 8 week camp really learned something about our natural world."
EarthLab Instructor, Fall 2020
EarthLab's Learning Method
Nature + Students + Hands-On Learning
Students conducting an experiment to
understandwater's properties.
Student Citizen Science Experiment Monitoring
the types and sizes of lizards.
Students messaging with art on water collection 
container about the need to save the ocean. 

The container is used to collect water from

EarthLab's small greywater system.
 Student Citizen Science Experiment to monitor
the insects that live at EarthLab.
EarthLab advances a new model of K-12 experiential environmental education for the youth attending the Lincoln Cluster schools that embraces the "whole" student. EarthLab supports in-school and after-school learning.
By linking technology and science (reason), ecology and conservation (empathy), culture and arts (expression), along with emotional well-being and sense of belonging to the community, the EarthLab Learning Method aspires to integrate these separate learning paths and promote the integration of the formal classroom with the environmental-based designed informal classroom.

"Today was relaxing; we talked about compost, recycle and landfill; I really enjoy talking about saving nature."

                                            EarthLab Explorer Student, Fall 2020
Community Engagement At EarthLab

At EarthLab, the community learns about a wide variety of climate related topics, such as the value of trees and waterwise planting in their gardens.

Hands-on activities are also offered and include paring with docents to learn how to take care of native and waterwise plants.
Community Having Fun and Learning About Climate Change Too

Being flexible with the challenges of Covid-19, Groundwork San Diego has persevered and provides monthly programs for the community to learn, work and play in the garden. Important topics and activities are presented that help families be more resilient as our climate changes. 

Here are some examples of Groundwork’s FREE community programming that spans a variety of climate action topics so residents can:

- Learn the value of trees in saving money and staying cool.
- Know how to properly dispose of various waste items generated at home.
- Have ways to save energy and receive help on energy bills.
- Grow succulents and save water (Bonus: created a mini-succulent garden to take home).

Additionally, hand-on activities are provided monthly to learn how to care for trees, succulents, native plants and other aspects of having a thriving garden. Pair up with a garden docent, get your clippers, and ask all your questions on how to care for these plants and how they could work in your own garden.

Sign up today if you would like to enjoy this satisfying monthly outdoor hands-on activity.
EarthLab Climate Action Park   
1110 Carolina Lane, San Diego, Ca 92102

 Please join us on the First Saturday of each month 
from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm for our Learn Work Play
No Events on Holiday Weekends)
 Learn how to protect the environment.
Work at our beautiful EarthLab Climate Action Park.
Play at fun family EarthLab events.

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